Sports physical therapy, on your terms

Get back in motion, and stay there with personalized telehealth from an experienced physical therapist.

How it works

1. Find a Physical Therapist

Choose an experienced sports physical therapist who specializes on the areas of your active lifestyle you'd like to focus on.

2.  Book online, instantly

Book time directly into your physical therapist’s calendar. Most physical therapists are available for appointments within two days.

3. PT on your terms

 Regularly meet with your physical therapist over video visits. Follow up and check-in over text-based messaging

What our patients have to say


"Exactly what I needed. Targeted guidance from an experienced physical therapist. Very compact and potent, flexible scheduling, reasonable pricing, emphasis on programs that can be followed from the gym or home. Focused on getting you back to performing at your best. Great for athletes."

- Andrew


I have been able to execute all of the exercises, mobility, and soft tissue work independently either at home or at the gym I go to. When I do meet with my PT, we are able to quickly catch up on progress and my experience, and adjust course. I have confidence that my progress will continue.

- David


Had a great experience - quickly got connected with a physical therapist, Zoom appointments were convenient, got on the right track with exercises to address the issue that was bothering me.

- Jenny